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North Sound Beverage proudly uses The Slush Company 100% Fruit Juice Beverages

The Slush Company 100% Fruit Juice Beverages contain No fat - No added sugar - No carbonation - No cholesterol

The Slush Company 100% Fruit Juice Beverages DO contain Vitamins C, A and D and qualifies as a fruit or vegetable substitute under the FDA guidelines. Perfect fit for your 5-a-day program.

The Slush Company concentrates are made in small batches and were created to be healthy, and fun, while having vivid colors and being great tasting.

Slush Flavors

Frozen Fruit Drinks

100% Juice with Vitamins A,C, and D - No added sugar

Nutritional Information

Blue Raspberry (Blue)
Blue Raspberry Snow (White)
Strawberry Kiwi (Red)
Strawberry Kiwi Snow (White)
Raspberry Lemonade (Light Red)
Sour Apple (Green)
Orange Mango (Orange)
Cherry Snow (White)
*Clear Tangerine (Clear)
*Clear Sour Apple (Clear)
*Clear Watermelon (Clear)
*New Flavors (Call for availability)

Great tasting slush flavors (no juice)

Blue Raspberry (Blue)
Margarita (Yellow Green)
Strawberry (Red)
Strawberry Daiquiri (Red)
Pina Colada (White)

North Sound Beverage specializes in and distributes 100% juice.

Due to demand we might be out of a flavor for a short period of time.

Our manufacturer has 12 additional flavors of great tasting slush so if you don't see your flavor we can special order.

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