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Frequently Asked Questions

How many slush drinks does one double bowl machine produce?

There are 2 bowls and each contains roughly 400 ounces. There are 80 – 10 ounce drinks between both bowls.

How is the slush product mixed prior to being added to the bowls?

North Sound Beverage provides mixing jugs to pre-mix the product before adding to the bowls. The concentrate comes in ½ gallon bottles that are diluted 5:1 with water. If alcohol is added you simply substitute equal amounts of water for alcohol.

Does North Sound Beverage supply alcohol?

No. Alcohol must be customer provided.

How much alcohol is needed for each bowl?

The maximum alcohol content per bowl is 1.75 liters – less can be added if desired (a fifth is .75 liters)

How long does the machine take to make slush?

The first time mixed will take close to 1 hour. The machine always runs and is turned down to night mode after you’re finished. The following morning after the slush button is turned on you have slush in roughly 30 minutes.

Can I use an extension cord?

Preferably - no. The machine can be plugged into a standard outlet but does have a significant draw on the electrical system. It will pull 12 amps and needs a 15 amp breaker. Extension cords should be avoided if possible. North Sound Beverage will provide a heavy duty extension cord if necessary.

Can the machine be placed outside?

Yes. It should be placed in the shade if possible and out of weather, i.e. rain. Humidity and high temperatures may slightly extend the freezing time.

Can I move the machine to another location?

No. The machine must remain in the same location it was set-up. The machine also must not be tilted or lifted.

How much will delivery cost?

Delivery is free if the location is within 20 miles of Mukilteo, Washington. Otherwise the cost in dollars is the distance in miles minus twenty.

For instance, delivery to a location 100 miles away from Mukilteo, Washington will cost $80.00.

Additional questions?

North Sound Beverage is here to make your engagement easier and more enjoyable. We pride ourselves on superior service and want you to feel free asking any questions. We are here to get you up and running so you can sit back and enjoy the Slush!

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